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Ontario has a variety of provincial parks that offer the opportunity for recreation such as fishing, hiking cycling, camping and watching wildlife. The parks include, for example, Woodland Caribou Provincial Park close to the border between Ontario and the state of Manitoba. There are also smaller museums and historic properties like Woodside which was the childhood home that belonged to William Lyon Mackenzie King (the longest-serving Premier of Canada).Arts and cultural activities are found all over the province, and especially in the most populated southern part of the province. Its Royal Ontario Museum includes exhibits that explore the social and natural background of Ontario as and art from all over the world. The Canadian War Museum is a focus on the history of military and the effects on the world of war.Ontario has Canada's Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the National Ballet, and the Canadian Opera Company. Toronto Zoo and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Toronto Zoo and the Art Gallery of Ontario are well-known destinations. Festivals include Canada Day celebrations held in Ottawa every year and The Toronto International Film Festival, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, and the International Food Festival.

Ontario is famous for its diversity. While the majority of Ontario's population is made up of people from British origin, the remainder is a plethora of nations and cultures. Toronto is renowned for its diverse communities and vibrant array of life styles. Real property in Ontario is as lively with the possibility of choosing to reside in a world-class city like Toronto as well as retirement or vacation properties close to Lake Ontario or one of Ontario's many lakes, or avoid the bustle of the northern wilderness of Ontario.

In addition to nature-based beauty in the region In addition, there are a variety of other tourist attractions within and within Wasaga Beach. Elmvale Jungle Zoo, located just east of the town it is a 25-acre zoo featuring animals such as lemurs, monkeys, jaguars, lions and tigers as well as swans and many other species of exotic. The trails at the zoo's walk take you to different enclosures including an aquisition, where visitors can enjoy feeding rainbow trout. There's also a petting zone which allows kids to meet many species of animals.

wasaga beach homes for sale

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Collingwood is a place that experiences significant seasonal variations in snowfall.�The snowy time of the year spans 5.0 months beginning on November 9 through April 9, and includes the average 31-day snowfall that is at minimum 1.0 inches.�The month with the highest amount of snowfall on the ground in Collingwood was January which has an average at 5.6 inches.